27 mai 2018

How i set up fishreveal

Hi, there has been a lot of talk about the fish reveal feature. So i thought that it could be useful to share my thougts around this feature, and how i set it up for my fishing (trolling for browns in the 2-3foot size). So here it goes. 🙂

First off i like to set my down scan to one of the most bright colorpalettes, for me that is traditional blue or the purple/yellow thing.

Then i adjust contrast to highlight the baitfish(and fish) in my downscan view.

Then turn on the fish reveal, and use the fish reveal options to find a contrast color palette to the downscan palette(to highlight the arches from 2d).

Then i use the fish reveal sensitivity to filter my returns(pull it down to the point where i only get the large fish. for me running downriggers i have to compromise sometimes to be able to see my downriggers).

Then i use colourline to enhanse the arches and my downrigger returns.

When i set it up like this i get a good view of both baifish and predators, and how they behave during different times of day. And if you watch the example image carefully, you can see that there is a bright dot above some of the arches. This is the downscan marking the return as well. it will ofcorse not show on all arches, as it is depending on the fishes position in the transducercone/fan. But to me that confirms that this is a fish. 🙂

Good luck and tight lines 🐟🐟🐟

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